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Davies Media Group, LLC (DMG) is an American diversified media and entertainment company
headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with Production and Post Production affiliates in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1986 by Douglass and Geoffrey Davies through its first entity Lightstone
Productions, Inc., the company began operations producing commercials, documentaries and small features for the family and Christian marketplace out of a small studio in Atlanta, GA.

Douglass began as a screenwriter writing features for Olives Film Productions. His first feature screenplay in competition with 43 films submitted internationally, was awarded Best Screenplay by the Christian Film Distributors Association. Within three years and several films later his work attracted the attentions of British Film Director Peter MacDonald (Rambo III, Young Indiana Jones, Six Days of Sistene) and Australian Director George Miller (Man From Snowy River, Never Ending Story II).

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With the creation of the Lightstone Studio System (LSS) The company is known for its development of actors and providing continuity for careers which show potential. DMG’s number one priority and asset base are solid scripts and superb writing.

The company has developed a slate of commercial projects and franchises to be produced for release in the theatrical, television and streaming markets. In 2022 the company will launch its flagship title, STEINBURG, an international thriller based upon STEINBURG: The Road to Amsterdam. Pre-production of the one hour pilot is currently in casting.

Steinburg, the novel, audiobook and e-book are set for release by 2023. The title was first released in London, UK in 2015 as 16 one hour episodes on hosted by  Ghizela Rowe former BBC journalist and television producer.

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