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DMG entertainment projects are designed for release through theatrical, television, streaming, podcast/radio and new media channels. The company desires to cultivate Godliness, freedom and liberty in all primary sectors of society in North America and our partners in foreign countries.

DMG embraces the fundamental truth that there is nothing in our society as powerful or influential as mass media to inspire and develop ideals.   


SYNOPSIS: When a brilliant young attorney wins a high profile case against a ruthless international arms smuggler – he soon discovers it would cost him everything.  


Disillusioned and broken, he quits his practice and sells his possessions to sail the world alone. To the coastal natives of East Africa he becomes known as the white sailor from Kansas with kumbulo (longing) in his soul. A gifted sailor with a love of language, classical music and storytelling he becomes a local favorite and folklore hero while routinely sailing a 750 mile stretch of East African coastline on the treacherous Indian Ocean.


To the casual observer, John Tate appears as nothing more than a colorful drifter who struggles with bouts of alcoholism.

A reckless act on a moonless night plunges the elusive sailor into a conflict which ignites a high seas war between powerful arms smugglers and an American-British naval coalition.

The Seafarer is a crackling, romantic adventure of one man’s journey from bitter loss to redemption while sailing one of the most primitive and savage seas on earth.

Sea Farer
Sand Dunes

SYNOPSIS: When an abandoned infant is mysteriously left in the garden of a young widow of an ancient village at the base of Mt. Ararat, no one could know the destiny of their fragile community would be forever altered.


Unknown to its unsuspecting inhabitants, a tribe of savage giants, the Nephilim, were planning to invade their territory, destroy them all and seize control of their river, the source of all life in the vast, arid Valley. Though many had tried, its origins had never been found. Many wondered if it ever could.


As the lad grew, those who observed him said he was “instructed by the wind.” His rare and unexplained relationship with the wafting breezes and gales that swirled through their valley became legend. To the bewilderment of the villagers, his love of storms and the sound of thunder thrilled him. He tried in vain to persuade his countrymen that there was a voice in the thunder. But no one could hear it. And no one believed.


The boy had a gift in handling a sword. It was said of him, “he would rather lose his arm than drop his weapon.” His wrists were scarred by the tautness of leather straps with which he fastened his hand to the hilt. As his skill increased, he began to perceive enemies of an unseen realm which began to plague their peaceful society. They were the precedents of the Nephilim. They were coming. And soon. Discovering their terrifying future and the coming of the savage giants, the young man prepared himself and with him, a handful of noble and fearless souls. 


Narrated by the Wind, The Blood of Kings is a story of uncommon courage and unyielding faith. Whether he lived—or died and all that stood with him, would depend on his ability to hear the voice in the Wind and heed His instruction…without fail.

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Blood of Kings
DMG - COURIERS 1 Sheet.jpg
DMG - COURIERS 1 Sheet.jpg

Couriers of the Seven Vials


Special forces Officers engaged in an undercover mission to recover a top secret aircraft which crashed in the Turkish Mountains of Mt. Ararat, discover an ancient Angelic Warcraft pre-programmed to travel to Heaven

in an end times spiritual warfare epic. 

Blue Water

SYNOPSIS: After losing his cruiser to a single missile of unknown origin one moonless night twenty years before, Captain D.W. Penwyler’s brilliant naval career was cast forever into the twilight of what could have been. 

Though officially exonerated, he secretly blamed himself for the tragedy and never returned to sea.

Not the gifted politician, Penwyler had littered his career with political casualties ultimately barring him from the advancement he secretly desired. Finally hearing the music, he opted for a long overdue retirement and resolved somehow to fill the void left by an unsatisfactory career.

Halfway across the world, Cmdr. Robert J. Fitzgerald, Penwyler’s long-time friend and favorite XO had arrived at the same conclusion. Engaged in a full steam retreat, his “island of repose” was to be a spectacular lake and mountain property hidden deep within the mountains of Southwest Montana.

Whether by fate or otherwise destined to be, the retirees happened to meet at the famed 94th Aero Squadron Club where they had met 22 years earlier before shipping out on Penwyler’s first command. Before sunrise, Penwyler had convinced his friend that they should go out in style—one last hitch together with a deck under their feet.

After a long and deliberating debate with a friend in the Admiralty (and a few strings pulled by Fitzgerald) Penwyler was granted an unusual command on the Navy’s last remaining destroyer. Ironically, it was the first ship he’d ever commanded.

Saddled with a shipload of incorrigibles scheduled for dismissal from Annapolis, Fitzgerald and Penwyler set sail on what was to be a “routine training mission.” In the final result, it would be anything but routine and became the voyage of a lifetime.

ARAMON 1 Sheet.jpg

BACKGROUND: Rich in naval tradition, international locations and a complement of unforgettable characters, THE WATERS OF ARAMON is a classic naval adventure which will take audiences on a refreshing and nostalgic voyage about people and the victories that make for great lives.

The Protege
City Skyline
DMG - The Protege.jpg

The Protege

A young Vice Mayor’s integrity and faith are tested to the breaking point when he uncovers a criminal element in his city which threaten his life and the lives of his family. 

Waters of Aramon
Forest Scene

Legend of the Lightstone


Dying of consumption during a bitter winter in 1914, the

prayers of a young mother are released into the lives of her orphaned children, who years in the future face certain death in a turn-of-the-century adventure set in the rugged Northwest. 

LIGHTSTONE 1 Sheet.jpg
When She Dreams
Park in the Fall
When She Dreams 1 Sheet.jpg

SYNOPSIS: Psychiatrist Dr. Karen Stanford has a dilemma. She’s good—maybe too good. 

Name it, she could solve it: phobias, broken marriages, cruel executives and insecure Presidents.  She could bring stability to prison riots or have patients in the most violent psyche wards weeping and writing their mothers in less than ten minutes flat. She’s pretty. She’s smart and forever and always in control. It’s a beautiful thing to watch in a world gone mad – the attractive doctor with beautiful things to say that actually changed people’s lives. Her voice, her confidence, her logic… she’d become the poster girl of all that was good in America.

But she was making herself sick. Why?  Karen could solve everyone’s problems but her own. She’d become the “the psychiatrist who needs a psychiatrist” and her life was a wreck.

Karen was bailing, but she was sinking fast. Secretly, she feared she was close to having the “big one.” That would build her brand, “the brilliant doc who snapped.” What about the boyfriend?  You know--the love life? What love life--

When She Dreams is a love story… about hope and believing when there’s just no hope in sight.    

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Synopsis: Christopher Connors was a genius, a gifted hacker, a soon-to-be college drop out. A lost soul on a Harley Davidson, Connors was burning a free pass to a great life and doing it in record time. Under constant surveillance by the FBI, the clock was ticking and he was about to go down hard. Expelled from an ivy-league university for discipline problems, the Dean stepped in to create a position for the wayward Connors. His job? In Connor’s words “correcting papers for the less than lucid.”

What Connors couldn’t know is that his new position in a makeshift office next to the University boiler room, had put him in the direct path of a destiny he could not in his wildest dreams have foreseen. 

During a rugged 1857 transatlantic crossing from London to New York, a God fearing professor awoke from a fitful sleep with the vision of a deeply troubled girl. He couldn’t know that the melancholy face which lingered in his mind was a young woman three generations in the future, his only surviving heir, and she was about to take her own life.

Chris Connors--hacker, thief, and dropout was on schedule 130 years later to save a desperate girl's life--if he only would.

The Crossing
Mountain Ridge

SYNOPSIS:  A contemporary coming of age series produced for television set in rugged Bitteroot Valley of southwest Montana.


A well-read father, a musically gifted mother and their three sons travel from the high-tech mecca of Silicon Valley in northern California to the rugged Northwest to begin a new way of life. Away from traffic and the cultural mayhem, the boys experience for the first time the majestic silence of nature and a newly discovered self-reliance.


Classic Biblical themes of courage, integrity, respect and honor will structure ongoing story lines amid adventure and the character-building moments that turn boys into men. Their lives, a tapestry of great books, history and music underpinned by an unshakeable faith in God, provide the foundation for the series.

SONS 1 Sheet.jpg
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